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Quartic Creative LLC


We’re passionate about the arts. They’re powerful & can bring about positive change, healing, awareness, richness & joy.

Our work celebrates the beautiful moments in life and those who are under-represented. We aim to exhibit beauty, care, love, hope, joy, wellness & peace in a manner the whole family can appreciate.

We love creating for positive change & capturing the noteworthy moments in life.

Meet Our Founder

‘Tayo’ Joyce Situ specializes in making vibrant artwork and synth-infused R&B music. She fell in love with drawing & capturing her models’ likeness as a child. Then branched out to watercolor painting & graphic design for Polytech Solutions in 2000. A couple years later, she learned acrylic painting from Mark Leysen at Santa Ana College. And later learned illustration from Daniel Hyun Lim at Otis College. While living in Paris, France in 2013 she took oil painting lessons with Denis Gerablie.

Tayo Joyce learned to play the flute in grade school, then picked up singing & piano in high school. She started singing in gospel choirs, then became a lead singer in a pop, rock, R&B, and funk cover band called After Hours. While at Santa Ana College, she learned songwriting, music sequencing, music theory, composition & classical singing. She later sang Contemporary Christian music in The Rock Worship Team and their choir & co-wrote “Imagine Love” in 2015. In 2017, Tayo Joyce learned how to record & produce music at Crē8 Academy, which is part of Westlake Studios. And, that same year, she released her first song co-written & co-produced with Chomby. Then started recording, mixing & producing music for other artists a couple years later.


The things that make us special


We enjoy greeting others with a smile & believe kindness goes a long way.​


We find pleasure in helping others & making a positive impact.​


We put a lot of thought & care into our work; each project is unique & treated as such.


We care about the details & think getting them right is important.


We are experienced in a broad range of art & musical styles.​