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Quartic Creative LLC

The Making of “Repetition and Variation of Trees”

The Beginnings

Reference image & Colors For the Artwork

This artwork started with a photo of the main subject & the feeling that the client wanted to convey. To determine what size canvas would be best, and what colors would be used, a visit was made. Photos were taken onsite with color swatches to serve as a reference while painting.

Maple Reference Photo for the Main Subject in Painting
Study 1
Study 2
Study 3
Study 4
The Development Process

Studies with Different Designs

Studies in oil pastel were made to find suitable scenery for it. A total of four were made until the client was satisfied with the artwork’s direction.

Updates On the Artwork

Painting Progress

The colors were blocked in. More detail was added from the background elements to the foreground. After seeing the rock and leaves drawing the eye away, they were modified.

Blocking in the Main Colors & Refining the Sky & Mountains
Progressively Adding Details from the Back to the Middle Ground
Painting the Middle Ground & Foreground Details
Final Painting: Varnished & Hung on the Wall
Completing the Painting

Hanging Up The Artwork

After the last touches were added to the painting, varnish was applied to it. Then, this artwork was hung on the wall.