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Quartic Creative LLC

The Making of “RH Nights in Paris”

The Beginnings

Reference images For the Artwork

Photos of the subject were taken & compiled with images in Paris from our albums.

The Development Process

Studies of Varying Detail

A rough study in pencil & marker charted out the best locations for the elements in this artwork. Then, another rough study was made in Photoshop with the reference photos. A more refined pencil study worked out the added design elements and details.

Updates On the Artwork

Painting Progress

The outline of the main elements were painted in. Then, the colors were blocked in. More detail was added to the main subject, then the background elements. After seeing that Notre Dame was drawing the eye away, it was darkened.

Blocking in Major Colors
Refining the Main Subject
Refining the Other Elements
Final Painting: Varnished, Framed & Hung on the Wall
Completing the Painting

Hanging Up The Framed Artwork

After the last touches were added to the painting, varnish was applied to it. Then, this artwork got framed & hung on the wall.